Terms of Service

The Mixthepeople as other sites of the group grew out of a set of ideas from a group of friends who are related and know each other on the Internet.

We started our operations in June 2012, since then we are together with our partners to improve every day our tool, today we have a mixture of more than 50 countries who access our site daily. We have partners in various locations around the world. Our technological tool allows searches by specific criteria detailed profiles or blogs posted under the category, as well as interaction and ease of site navigation.

Users can register for FREE in the form at any time and use the system for free indefinitely, as a way of tasting, but to access some services should change their status and make payment according to the service package selected and selected according to their needs in the signature section.

If your company wants to be our company, so please contact us at our email we will examine its proposal.

Our mission is that people can stay connected, to make friendships and business using the same tool.
We offer a pleasant, safe and fun for our users achieve the best results in their searches, both to make friends or to your business.

Services Offered
Plan Free - Standard - post an article / blog, post a classified, post an event, photos and videos unlimited posts, join groups, make friends through chat and invite people.
Blogs Monthly Plan - monthly $ 1 - blogs, articles, classifieds, events, photos and unlimited videos, join groups, make friends through chat and invite people. Ideal for companies to advertise their services.
Blogs Annual Plan - Annual subscription $ 9 - blogs, articles, classifieds, events, photos and unlimited videos, join groups, make friends and invite people. Ideal for businesses that want to advertise their services.

Service Terms and Conditions
This document "Terms and Conditions of Service" presents the general conditions of BF Com e Serv. Internet CNPJ under n. º 11512227/0001-78, headquartered in Brazil, called www.Mixthepeople.com, hereinafter only Mixthepeople, has partners in some countries, represented by technology companies and their users / Members / People / Business, which will be individually referred to as User, in relation to the services provided through the Site Mixthepeople, which offer brokerage and marketing services online.
This document, although signed by electronic means, and has legal validity and effectiveness, in accordance with the civil legislation in force (Articles 422 and 425 of the Civil Code, Law No. 10.4012/2002.
By accessing the Site Mixthepeople to register, the User must read and agree to the "Terms and Conditions of Service", which may be updated at any time and at the sole discretion of Mixthepeople to adapt it to current legislation or terms of our company or partners. The User can check updates "Terms and Conditions of Service", whenever you have any questions.
The registration of User on the Site Mixthepeople indicates, for all purposes of law, that the User has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions contained in the "Terms and Conditions of Service", which will only be ratified from the use of services provided by the Site Mixthepeople.
By hiring the services Mixthepeople Site, the User shall undertake certain duties, detailed below, and at the time that any of them is violated, the "Service Terms and Conditions" is automatically "association" will be terminated and your registration canceled.
If the termination of the "Terms and Conditions of Service" we take it for exclusive fault of the User, by virtue of a breach of any obligation of the User violation of the provision of law or of a crime, the User will not be reimbursed for the actual amounts paid to Mixthepeople. In cases of withdrawal of contracted services, the refund policy and chargebacks charged by Mixthepeople is described in these "Terms and Conditions of Service."
If the services provided through the Site Mixthepeople are changed, the users who are interested in modifying the plan originally contracted or cancel it, may do so at any time in the "Settings" in your account under "Delete Profile".

The User agrees to provide personal information true, accurate, current and complete information for your registration on the Site Mixthepeople for the registration of your profile and for the recovery of amounts reported in the services to be used, as well as keeping the information provided always updated.
Providing false information or the use of incorrect data is felony in the Brazilian Penal Code. Without prejudice to the criminal liability to be ascertained, the User that, perchance, Mixthepeople cause damage to third parties or due to misuse of information, respond civilly and indemnify the damage caused.
In this case, the Mixthepeople may terminate the provision of services to the User as soon aware of the falsity or bad faith committed by the User, the User can not claim any refund or compensation, and can prevent the return of the User Site Mixthepeople .
All information provided by Users to the Site Mixthepeople, including surveys and questionnaires are confidential and used only by Mixthepeople to enhance their knowledge about the services provided by the Site Mixthepeople, except those available in the profiles of users and can be accessed by third parties , hereinafter just not Confidential Information.
The email address entered when registering will be used only for the purposes authorized by the Members, and to answer your questions and send information about the services and the Site Mixthepeople to Users.
By registering, the User will choose a password and a personal identification for your access to the Site Mixthepeople, being sure that the User shall be solely responsible for maintaining the chosen password confidential.
The User will inform the Site Mixthepeople any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any breach of security that may occur.
The Mixthepeople have moderators who are constantly analyzing the texts and photos with autonomy to exclução photos, blogs and profiles that do not match in our privacy policy.
The Mixthepeople may enter into agreements and partnerships with other companies for promotions and contests cultural offered to users. Conditions, the privacy policy and the regulation of promotions and cultural contests will be announced in due course by each partner or affiliate of Mixthepeople.
The Mixthepeople can not disclose the Confidential Information to its partners and affiliates, where they meet the conditions laid down in this agreement.
The User may at any time cancel your registration on the Site Mixthepeople and remove your information from the database Site Mixthepeople accessing "Remove Profile" in "My Settings" in your account and providing your personal password as requested.
This is the only mechanism for cancellation of registration and for removing User profile.
The link "Contact Us" on the homepage of the website Mixthepeople, may be accessed by persons not registered in Mixthepeople website for information services or other activities of interest, answer questions and report user profiles that somehow not respecting the "Service Terms and Conditions" or legislation.
If there is suspicion or strong evidence of misuse of the services provided by the Site for any User Mixthepeople the Mixthepeople can temporarily remove your profile from the air, without the User can claim any compensation, including repayment of amounts paid.
The hypothesis to be confirmed misconduct or violation of the User Agreement or law, the removal of your profile will be permanently, without the User can claim any compensation, including repayment of amounts paid.
At its sole discretion, may refuse the Mixthepeople return to this User Website Mixthepeople therefore are required initially truthful information.
When summoned to court to exclude any Profile Site Mixthepeople the Mixthepeople arrange the immediate removal of the profile maintaining in its database for a period of twelve (12) months, the information contained in it, in order to inform potential research legal and / or criminal prosecution.
The Mixthepeople offers first register to use the services provided free or discounted price of subscriptions to their services, as well as promotions and contests promoted by cultural Mixthepeople, together with partners or affiliates or not, will be announced on "Home or profile access each User "Site Mixthepeople, where there will be links to the regulation of each of the advertised offers.
At its sole discretion, may inform the Mixthepeople users by e-mail registered in their accounts can be deleted or not according to the desire of the User.

Your membership may be terminated at any time and for any reason, simply, therefore, that the User access your registration on the site using your nickname and password in "Settings", then "Delete profile ".
The Mixthepeople not promote the cancellation of any profile, even if requested via e-mail, since the time of cancellation is necessary to supply your personal password. Only in cases of death with presentation via e-mail the certificate, informed by relatives.

The Mixthepeople offers services facilitating encounters between people and promotes services, classifieds and blogs on the Internet, serving as a means for people to meet and maintain any kind of relationship and companies can relate to and profit in their business.
The Mixthepeople using objective criteria and technicians with no discrimination of any kind in relation to sexual orientation or preferences of their users, nor to their race, creed or age.
The Mixthepeople in accordance with the legislation in force, prohibits the registration of persons under 18 for the services provided by the website.
The site is responsible for the execution of the services it offers to its users, although not responsible for contacts and / or meetings and / or businesses that originate through the service it provides and also not responsible for actually committed by a third party.
The User, by registering at Mixthepeople, will automatically receive in your e-mail address registered on this site, the confirmation of your registration, which must be confirmed by accessing a link.
A single e-mail can only be registered as a free profile.
Upon registration as "Free User" or "User Blogs" to make payments for services or any other type of signature that will be created will also be sent to confirm your subscription to the e-mail address provided at the time of registration, consisting also confirmation of chosen service.
If personal data arranged in the email registration confirmation are incorrect or do not belong to the User, the User may cancel your account by clicking on the appropriate link, which will include the above e-mail. If the User check some data wrong, you can access your profile, click "Edit Profile" on the site, and rectify it at any time.
Warning: The renewal of the services used will not be charged if the User perform unsubscribe via the website.
The profile is inactive may, at any time, there is reactivated any time by so much, a new access for the User. The profile will only be rehabilitated as "User Blogs" or any other type of signature that will be created if the reactivation still occurs within the originally contracted subscription period, otherwise, the User will be rehabilitated as "Free User", returning have the same conditions.
The Mixthepeople reserves the right to delete automatically all messages present in the mailboxes of its users after 120 days of your shipment and receipt.
The Mixthepeople offers the following types of membership: "Free User" enabling some services or "User Blogs" to enable all services offered on the website Mixthepeople.

The User is responsible for the veracity of personal information transmitted to the site Mixthepeople.
The User must provide personal correct, exact, accurate and current. Each User is personally responsible for the personal data you provide.
Providing false information is a crime of perjury, as defined in art. 299 of the Brazilian Penal Code, the penalty for which is one to three years in prison, plus fines or admissions prevailing laws of the country of origin of their IP.
The provision of false information by the User shall be entitled to Mixthepeople deleting their profile from the air, without notice, either temporarily, by the time the Mixthepeople deems necessary to clarify the situation, and ultimately, at the sole discretion of the Mixthepeople, due to the breach of the terms of this agreement, without the User is reimbursed the amounts already paid.
The User may only access the services provided by the website in order to establish contacts for personal and professional relationships in accordance with your plan obtained
The User shall not disclose on your profile contents of a racist or prejudiced, not violate the rights of children and adolescents, may not disclose or transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is the ownership of another, which violates copyright or right of third parties can not, yet, send any message that contains viruses, nor disseminate ideas pedophile character, defamatory, abusive, profane, offensive or illegal.
The User will not be able to advertise, publicize political opinions or ask any other User or third party acting on its behalf, unless by proxy.
The User may not use a third party to take any action, purchase, sale or cancellation of products or services through the Site or any other form of communication offered by Mixthepeople.
The User may not transmit any chain letters or spam to other Users.
The User may not use the Site to disseminate any illegal, abusive or cause damage or loss to a third party.
User may not include in your profile, classifieds, articles or blogs sexual references or suggestions, including offensive language or games.
The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information of other Users with whom to relate, received through Mixthepeople not to disclose it under any circumstances.
The User is fully responsible for the content of messages that may be exchanged with other users Mixthepeople.
The User shall not violate, intentionally or not, any legal standard present in the Brazilian legal system and internationally, nor claim ignorance of the legal provisions in force.
The User may not intervene in the transmission system Mixthepeople nor copy, reproduce, duplicate or make use of website content for any purpose, being held accountable for illegal practices to make that attempt.
If you violate any of these provisions or any others that are in this "Terms of Services and Conditions", the Mixthepeople may, at its discretion, modify or delete the contents of the profile.

The profile of the User's personal, non-transferable and personalized if desired.
The User may only use the profile registered to publicize itself, being prohibited the inclusion of photos or contain pornographic images of third parties and under 18 years.
Violation of this clause will result in the immediate suspension of the profile, being only acceptable if heeded its restoration to the previous condition.
The Mixthepeople emphasizes that the services offered are aimed at meeting and the rules of morality and morality is not responsible for acts of their users who violate the rules of conduct established these "Terms and Conditions of Service."
The User may not include text fields of the profile ("phrase call", "About Me") any personal information that identifies you such as email, Instant Messengers, phone number, address, personal or business, surname, URLs, sexual references or suggestions, including offensive language, under penalty of exclusion from such data without prior notice to Users.
As soon as it found a violation of the provisions, the profile will be automatically removed from the air in order to protect the personal data of the User, said profile being readily restored by the time the User to delete that data from your profile. In the case of profile deletion, for exclusive fault of the User, the Mixthepeople not even refund the sums already spent, ie fees paid by home user account.
The User must choose a nickname by which will be identified on the site. The chosen name can not use reference to names of others or identifying them, words which offend the moral and good customs, which do apologize for crimes or unlawful practices. Also, can not contain any personal data that indicate phone number, full name or email. The Mixthepeople can remove profiles with names that are not in accordance with the provisions of this clause. The "Basic User" will keep the same name throughout the duration of your profile.

The User may not use a photo that is not in your personal profile, under penalty of the crime of perjury, enshrined in Article 299 of the Penal Code.
The photos placed on the site should be clear, current and in good condition. Photos can not register people naked, half-naked or exposure of intimate parts of the body in pornographic poses or illegal activities, or violate intellectual property rights (right of image). In the "my profile" displays only the User. The photos extras, released the album in the photo gallery, image may contain third party, besides the User.
The Mixthepeople may refuse photographs that are at odds with the standards established by site or in violation of the law.
The Mixthepeople alert the user that there is also a feature that prevents, with full effectiveness, copy image released on the internet. For this reason, the User should be aware that, once inserted into the virtual network any picture, whether photograph, picture or reproduction is possible copying, reproduction or printing by third parties who access the site. The Mixthepeople not responsible for acts of third parties' ownership of images related to the profiles of their users.
The User may not copy reproduce, transmit, distribute, publish, exploit, or otherwise transfer any material Mixthepeople in any form, electronic or otherwise, for your personal and / or commercial purposes.

The "Free User" will become "User Blogs" by purchasing certain services offered through the Site Mixthepeople authorizing the renewal of your plan automatically at the end of it. Thus, at the end of the plan, for the convenience of the User will be automatically charged on your credit card or your pay pal account or your mobile phone, for another period of time equal to the period previously engaged, but their value integral.
If this facility is not your preference, "User Blogs" may cancel their subsequent renewals in the "Settings" under "Signature", without any compensation, by the Mixthepeople, for the contracted period. For payments by credit card, cancellations must be made within one (1) day prior to the expiration of the service in place. And for payments made on debts in cell if it is available, must be made within two (2) days before the termination of the plan.
If the User wants to remove your profile, you must, first, carry out the cancellation of the renewal as described above, to then proceed with the termination of services of the Site. This procedure may be carried out jointly.

The Mixthepeople not sell or share personal information of its users with third parties. Only with the express permission of the User or through judicial authorization is that such information may be disclosed to the requesting authority. If the User provide your information contained on the website Mixthepeople to third parties, will be your sole responsibility to use these will do the same.
To ensure your safety, it is recommended that the User change periodically, your personal password to access your profile and we never transfer to third parties.
If you forget the password, Mixthepeople send the same password for the email address entered in the register of the User.
The personal password is confidential and encrypted to ensure its secrecy. Only through a personal password, the User will be able to change your personal information. We recommend that the password uses a sequence of numbers or letters that do not directly identify the User.
The data provided to Mixthepeople which are strictly confidential, such as credit card number, are not stored on a server connected directly to the Internet.
Any commercial transaction for the purpose of payment and collection is encrypted before transmission of the data is performed between Mixthepeople and Financial Institution.
The Mixthepeople does not monitor or edit the contents of your user information unless it is required for legal purposes or when necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of Mixthepeople, or even, when necessary to protect the safety Members of his staff. In these circumstances, the Mixthepeople can review the contents disclosed by their users, and can thus removing information that are in conflict with the contractual provisions contained in this "Terms of Services and Conditions" or the legal system, and reject any profile, text or photograph desatenda the requirements included in this contract.
The Mixthepeople has a software engine - whose system is automatic and no human intervention - that tracks certain words and / or combinations thereof, available in text messages exchanged among its users, blocking them, in order to prevent damage to property third party intellectual or restrict the practice of acts prohibited by this Agreement or even illegal acts.
When identified content that is in conflict with the contractual provisions contained in this "Terms of Services and Conditions" or the legal system, the Mixthepeople can delete the User Profile or Blog, and reject any profile, text or photograph desatenda the requirements included in this contract.
The Mixthepeople not responsible, and can not be held responsible for the use of all third parties to access information that the User has provided to them, such as password, nickname (alias) or other similar information.

Cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, sent by a website and stored on your computer's drive.
User, from this Agreement, authorizing, explicitly, that the Mixthepeople use resources, such as, but not limited to "cookies" in order to offer a better and more personalized service.
ATTENTION: If the User chooses to reject all cookies on your browser, you can not use all the resources and services offered by Mixthepeople.
The Mixthepeople uses its own cookies for various purposes, including:
Check the information when the User's access to the site, so have personalized content;
Display ads geared to their profile;
Estimate user traffic and
Conduct research to improve the content and services of Mixthepeople.

The Mixthepeople is the owner of all rights in the mark, title and services offered through your website, do not authorize the reproduction, transmission, operation or any use, personal or commercial, the site content.
The exploration, transmission, total or partial reproduction of the site content or their misuse will subject the violator to legal penalties.

The site Mixthepeople may eventually have access links to other sites partners and / or affiliates or resources on the Internet. If there is the entry of the User on another website, the legal relationships arising from not include Mixthepeople, reaching only the User and the site accessed.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from this contract will be the consumer.
If the dispute arising out of this contract is not characterized by a consumerist legislation, the forum of choice will be the courts of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

The manifestation of the will of the contracting parties in the "Terms and Conditions of Service" signed by electronic means will give the time of acceptance of the terms and concretized when the User profile on the site.
These "Terms of Services and Conditions" shall be governed by the laws of Brazil and meet the Brazilian legal system, the general principles of law and rules and treaties of commerce, of which Brazil is a signatory.
For all legal purposes, the service is provided by Mixthepeople in Brazil and other countries.
If the User does not agree to a specific provision of this "Terms of Services and Conditions" and get legal invalidity thereof, other devices will not be affected and will remain in effect.

Contact: contact@mixthepeople.com